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♪ >> >> and the morning it is
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4:00 we have a live develop the story right now on this wednesday october 10th of for alarm fire ripped through a strip mall at union city. we understand that least one firefighter has been injured. the fire happened just after 1:00 this morning. dozens of firefighters, alameda county hayward, fremonte are n firefighter was injured in received a bad cut on the
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back of his hand and everything else should be fine. there are no plans at this time that there are lots of people of this particular place. investigators a wedding with the firefighters to wrap ups it will be a couple of hours before they go into this place. to find out exactly what happened. the you so much in the interval the nine businesses have been impacted. they're not sure how many have been destroyed s. but they say as many as nine have been touched by the fire. in the meantime you conceive of the personnel still here there
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are still some people in this place as in to the employees or owners of the businesses they're not going anywhere. they keep staring at the firefighters of hoping the firefighters quickly control the spread of the hot spots. i will talk to an investigator come back to me in just a few minutes i will give you an update on the situ south francisco share of ross mirkarimi will be reinstated after the city's board of supervisors fell two votes short of of holding official misconduct charges. nine votes were needed to approve. that cannot happen was a 7-4 vote and that came after the updates in march. of this was in connection incident in which at his wife's on in
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an argument. >> i saw flashes of lightning in the sky. i guess there may be a little bit of whom in the air. >> of not surprised that of james we still have the potential some thunderstorms and forecast. most of this activity will be south and east of san francisco. we could skirt by ok for the no petaluma, but it's a chilly start to the morning. we do have potential for some showers, we are certainly keeping an eye on that. a lot of places will be mostly cloudy especially along the coast. in temperatures will be pretty similar to what we saw yesterday.
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>> us second look at satellite and radar. we are picking up some light showers with a peninsula places like mountain view and palo alto. sen on the ro-cache 57 hayward as we take those numbers into the afternoon close ties breakdown semele to what we saw yesterday. 72 expected in sunnyvale. it will see sp be in the upper 60s at best mid- 70s around
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the back up if this were the coast will continue with the pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. a warm- up as we transition into the weekend. in the traffic
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center not monitoring any hot spot a great ride out there. nothing to slow you down. take it outside to the a " approaching bay bridge toll plaza. again no contains less additives those additives help produce cleaner air. is a little bit cheaper. this does not think our air quality will suffer and short-term. >> we probably will contain over the $4 and mark. we will probably came a lot in the next three to four days. >> the price of gas was taught to drop by the weekend because it takes a few days for that to glenn to hit the market took in
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his cross. if we are also keeping our fingers crossed the bay area baseball teams. the sentences could giants are looking to fight another day as of the oakland a's. the giants had a two-on victory over cincinnati. the cincinnati reds still have a 2-1 lead in the series. the division seriories. the oakland a's took game 3 of the trip in detroit. it was a sellout crowd at the coliseum pence coming out to show the support. we will with them on and came for today. baltica quick break the we have more headlines
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6 c1 >> and are back at 4: 10. it was from alcoa the dow lost about 110. with the news.
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13,00474 with a lever that it ended. nasdaq lost about 47. as well. 14 points i two in the day. wall street is expecting it to break-even. we will be watching stocks ominous kron 4 news the reason for the fall for international monetary fund then released a report warning that market confidence continues to fault fed on debt crisis in the fiscal click here in the nine states. that phrase refers to seven trillion thousand tax increases and spending cuts that could start to take effect in january unless congress acts in the meantime. toyota announced in a global recall due to a power when the problem. if
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the recall includes a variety of models to hide inefficiency, the matrix, the tundra, the corolla and even the camry and their rap four models. the recall will affect ground 2.5 million vehicles. the u.s.. >> meanwhile the government is suing walls are walhalla case of mortgage fraud. the lawsuit was filed yesterday
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>> of san mateo man suspected of attention to
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kidnap a student from park elementary school. he is charged with trespassing on school grounds that since on september 21st. he kidnapped girl she was able to get away. he was " in the growth in the schools back on. scheduled for one party has fantails superior court with his hearing. the girl was i3- in oakland meanwhile topping 94 the year and now the police department is ready to launch a crime fighting strategy called cease-fire. people in oakland will be called in to meet with flaw in force in the community. they will be warned that they will stop the violence or be targeted for tariffs that charges. >> will be looking at the list of individuals that we called in to see if they are continuing to be involved in violence. if they do we wanted to see if there is something that we are doing wrong any to fix. for if they're not then we can say we are seeing some success. the cease-fire strategy was to try a local match year but did not work out so well and it has been a void in
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other cities that are hoping the second time of the the charm. >> the mayor is asking the city council have more police officers the request comes after two recent double homicides in the murder rate more police presence in the community and with drug enforcement. >> here's what people have to say. >> if you can't just keep putting band-aids over his or if it's infected. and that is what happened to the
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vallejo police department is infected. and the corrupt officers the to be removed. once they are removed that should make way for good officers. officers who want to protect and serve. >> the mayor's request for atgngathis being cited for one of the reasons with skyrocketing gas prices throughout the state of california. the weather. >> good morning james you mentioned lightning strikes in our last report for one to bring of supply of trochophore in showing exactly where some of those occurred. the majority of card fall short you can see we have wet weather approaching. we did some
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action right now it is impacting the peninsula portions of the south bank. mountain view those of you in downtown san jose you may feel a heavy sprinkel has to step outside the door. the good news is a chance for showers decreased as we head into the afternoon. the tentative terms for his a chilly start to the burning now for novatwe are contending with '60s to the heart of the bay we will see some seventies tripled in for livermore valley. those of you in santa rosa. as we pushed the clock and your afternoon high the yellow starts to fill in indicating was the the '70s. we will see a mixture of fun and clouds of center sunnyvale lost cause. 71 percent clara could see some mid-70s. potentially far antioch livermore and daily into of 70 in castro valley
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and in other comparable day in the north bay 72 for santa rosa vallejo for in with that 70 degree mark downtown 10th to collect 62 degrees. a pretty chilly afternoon if you're heading to ocean beach san bruno coming in at 67 degree spirit the kron 47 day around day forecast shows tomorrow could be the coldest day of the week we will see warning of an afternoon sunshine. the weekend will turn the corner temperatures a bit warmer we are back into the
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80s by sunday we will continue with pretty nice fall like weather. in the traffic center is quiet there. again we have of my construction no major accidents. it is quiet here time to leave your home if you are heading out of oakland to the city. west lb 580 in the north bound direction of the nimitz ssuvalley chains. thank you erika in san francisco declined cottontail and trash can see him. >> something was stuck around its neck. it was given a tranquilizer to come down and in the sea lion was captured. and was untangled
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and reached back into the water. >> at 4: 22 we will take a quick break. we will leave you with a quick look at storm tracker for moisture offshore. you may notice flashes of lightning in the sky as you head out the door this morning. we will be right
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>> and we're back at 4: 25. 12 people have died from and where follow meningitis outbreak. the number of people made sick has reached a new high 119 cases across 10 states. new jersey the latest to report at the swan illness. for the steer word is used for back pain. it has been traced to a specialty policy in massachusetts.
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>> a 28 year-old massachusetts man is behind bars after a grenade was found in his luggage at lax. he was grant bulletproof vest and flame retardant paint under a trench coat. that is one airport officials searched his luggage at about a smoke grenade billy clubs, hachette, buybacks, haight biohazards suit and handcuffs. >> they're not sure what the mayor was planning to do. his court appearance has been postponed until friday. allegations the judge would
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like to schedule an
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evidentiary hearing. >> the campaign is called how lives our rights. many of the troops would not want to fight in afghanistan have the right to the refused the appointment. it's tough to get that status because they enlisted voluntarily. >> you signed up for this you took implicit bonuses. it took training tsid
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>> kron 4 news start now with a developing story. and we continue to track that developing story on wednesday october 10th. a for a long fire ripped through a strip mall in union city injuring at least one firefighter let it lie to the scene. well- trained is standing by. >> on all rafeal boulevard to show you what is going on. they believe that fast as they rushed inside the building once they realize the fire was above them they had to pull out and that's when they w ent on the defensive stance. we can see the silhouettes the fire fighters have
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finally after three-three and half hours they will be here at least until 10. to secure the place. once the place is the cure they will call investigators. about
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nine businesses have been impacted one destroyed. the one that the roof collapsed the rest and have suffered water and smoke damage. i will try to talk to the investigators. >> very good will we will do that. also making headlines in san francisco this morning the fact that share of ross mirkarimi will be reinse boafte e average is currently at $4.68 for a gallon of regular gas. in san francisco brown $4.73. in oakland more expensive for $67 cents a gallon get in san jose at $4.68 per gallon. the winter glenn should be hitting stations in the day. the winter glenn
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is less expensive to produce. just because we are going to the winter blend a bit early does not meet our air quality will suffer. bay area baseball not done yet that is the good news. in a win or go home situation the oakland a's and the giants did what they needed to do to stay alive. we will get to the giants' first. it was a game that was all about the pitching on both sides. after a rough first pitcher gavn three hits the giants did not get hit until to out into the six. the game went into extra innings that's when the third baseman era gave the giants the go-ahead run they needed final score 3--to-one. the oakland a's
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meanwhile, some by they played. it took game 3 of the american league division from detroit lions. four hits were given up to shut out the tigers. it was amazing robbing the tigers of a home run. game 4 is tonight at 6: 37 the first pitch at the coliseum. to be talking about this all day long. >> we have some wet weather this morning most of it off shore. >> good morning james we do
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have some whether offshore. we are seeing the light now .
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here's where the wet weather is located is looping around san francisco to its south. you may encounter showers as she stepped out the door as we zoom out you can see we have wet weather well to our north. no showers will hour north a spot. it nurtures the mid 40's for santa rosa. 54 in oakland. 53 in daly city. we will see plenty of several days. it turned the corner into the weekend mostly sunny skies. we're talking mid '80s warmest inland areas and '70s around the bay and upper 60s or the coast. for the traffic center still quiet here is a bridge check to get you out of the door. the bay bridge toll plaza moves well out of oakland into sentences col. factor in a multi car
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collision that sent three people to the hospital yesterday morning. it happened outside of turner elementary school in antioch. just after the school bell rang. if the driver of an audi s u b ran a red light and plowed into pedestrians on the sidewalk.
4:39 am
the parent and a school crossing guard or transported to the hospital by helicopter. an 11 year- old suffered . the driver
4:40 am
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suffered only scrapes had alcohol on his breath police are looking for a second person who took off running after the crash. >> her mom is in the hospital having shoulder surgery--a fractured surgery she may have internal injuries. i was told of his car came out of nowhere driving crazyturn3
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>> and we're back as we continue to follow a decision 2012 as poland is tightening on wha president obama. not everyone is amused at the ad. >> prison obama returns to ohio with a sharper more forceful message but his campaigns continued focus on big bird is what's getting most of the attention. and almost every speech since the debate the president has
4:43 am
used governor mitt romney to level criticism. >> this was almost believable--as >> mitt romney knows it's not wall street to have to worry about this as a mystery. >> republicans are not amused at the president's campaign tactic. they said he's focused on small things instead of offering in sla solution. >> these are tough times. >> as the another slide into the producers of the pbs program workshop the asking the obama campaign to pull the ad because there are a non partisan, non
4:44 am
profit organizations. teen obama has received requests and to those concerns will be reviewed. >> a gallup poll shows that romney has a small lead over president obama. from the voters 49 to 40 percent edge over the president. that is the latest period of give we have the vice presidential debate live seriously damaged the strip mall will have more and that
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in just a minute.
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>> here is stanley roberts finding some people behaving badly. this is this
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intersection of 98 avenue in san leandro. this is the intersection of 98 and new and macarthur. confined light runners at both intersections. the drivers are running the light which is against the flaw and unsafe. the two intersections could be locations of a new red light cameras. there are 13 red light cam was operating at 11 different intersection. 66 at san leandro not far from the oakland coliseum. in my years of covering traffic violators i consider myself an expert. i did not see a whole lot of red light on it which made me question the red light cameras. you cannot argue the fact that in the first six months of 2010 oakland had only one collision with a red light cameras were located. when i read about how much revenue the city is making it had is scratching my head. so from
4:48 am
our professional observations it is my opinion that the red light cameras are primarily for revenue. i figured out a way to make sure that the citizen cannot for the revenue for these red light cameras. are you ready for this. stop running red lights!. there i said it. it is a win-win scenario don't you agree. all i love my job! in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> the tool along fire at the pallid menu acttalent manufg factory. thus talk about the weather because we had some lightening this morning.
4:49 am
>> good morning james we are still tracking some lightning strikes off shore around half moon bay area this is happening around the coast line south of san francisco. we're tracking wet weather around the bay area as we take to the satellite and radar. we do have some light spotty showers on a cult line supplements law right now. around menlo park, palo alto it depends on where you are. i don't think we will see a chance of showers into
4:50 am
the afternoon so we focused our attention on your day parts. we do have cloudy conditions now do with him mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon. a quiet weather pattern with a bit of a warm up as we transition into the weekend. full details coming up in your 7 day around the bay forecast. in the meantime it is a chilly 66 and richmond. a chilly afternoon low 60s if you're heading to ocean beach. the downtown san francisco at 62 degrees. here's a quick look at your baseball forecast heading to the a's came the first pitch is at 6: 37 tip key is will be of the low
4:51 am
60s. we will be continued being with morning faulkne. uppr seventies by saturday's low 80s by sunday and will continue with a warming trend as we start the next workweek. in the traffic center still quiet no hot spot to alert you to. no place to speak of traffic with no marin like to deal with. here to san mateo bridge westbound 92 taillight out towards foster city. gol maps 58680 no accidents to report on the nimitz
4:52 am
freeway. with those of you using public transit your good to go for a.c. transit and bart. >> and other headlines this morning a big blow to the east bay regional park district. the park has been denied a $6.2 million federal grant. the grant would have been used to promote outdoor exercise and eating for richmond students. the editors for disease control and prevention rejected the grant there is competie consider planting $5 million if that response to the community housing an element corp and other groups. the site of king helped loan modification of market access to county. and flipping homes is making a big comeback in the u. s. one of the place to do that is in the bay area. according to real to attract the san jose sunnyvale santa clara era or some of the top places to flip homes. flippers have grossed more
4:53 am
than $61,000 for each property they sold in the first half of this year. the average sale price is just over $393,000. what this is expensive it is still a 42% discount on monfort closed, the same area. we will take a break at 4: 52 we have another live look this morning this is our developing story out of union city and a palette man you factoring plant. in this attack strip mall that houses of you salon, a couple of other businesses a travel agency the roof collapsed in this fire firefighters are on the scene. will trend will give us live updates in one moment.
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>> can car-in ads super hero to her lengthy list of rolled. comic-book a camera car-tin pans in night. the comic which released on tuesday focuses on the many loves. >> filmmaker by richie and his girlfriend jackie painfully are going to the chapel. they announced in july they're expecting another child. they have a song together raw file board
4:57 am
in september 2011. he was married to madonna from 2000-2008. >> sasha baron--- >> will take a break it is 4: 56 still ahead on the kron for morning news a fire in union city least one fire fighter injured nine businesses burned and their 50 residents without a home. a winning night for bay area baseball as the oakland a's and san francisco giants fight to stay in the playoffs will find out what is in store for both teams. we are tracking but whether could be for the rest of the morning .
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>> and top stories we're following here on wednesday october 10th of four alarm fire at a strip mall in union city leads one firefighter injured and nine businesses nearly destroyed. full trammell have a live report coming up. the athletics and giants stay alive with a huge lens last night old forcing game 4 today. will tell you why not all athletics fans were happy. >> the san francisco board of supervisors makes his decision on share falls mirkarimi will have more on the boat and his job. as quick check of the traffic and weather. >> the vast experience lighting strike this morning. we have seen at
5:01 am
around half moon bay and to its south. a light sprinkle of around the bay area how long will it last what is in store for the afternoon will have those interests coming in just a bit. george >> thanks erica a quick computer check shows like traffic and still like traffic in the east bay for highway 4 and interstate 580 we're not trackinride. >> fire crews on the scene this morning at that for alarm fire at a strip mall in union city. one firefighter was injured nine businesses impacted. will trend has following the story this morning. >> a whole lot of water it looks like a little bit of a lagoon they used so much water to put out the plans. it took them more than 90 minutes or about one hour
5:02 am
and have to knock down the planes. here is video of the fire is started around 1: 200 in the morning. they believed they had a big head start the reason why is because once they got here they went inside the business attentive to knock down the flames but did not take long for them to realize the flames werd36 cwe tt one firefighter injury that firefighter was injured not buy the planes but during the process of fighting the fire he received a bad cut on the back of his hand but he should be fine. that's a lie to show you. that is the corner where they believe
5:03 am
the fire started. as we pan the camera over from right to let you concede part of the roof just gone at this point. we are talking about
5:04 am
businesses that suffered water damage or smoke damage or even fire itself. the investigators will be here quite some time. they're still dealing with hot spots around 8 or 9:00 a.m. in the morning the pallet manufacturing plant in the 500 block of brooked side drive. the fire a 2-1 victory over cincinnati. there's the play. here's the final the giants with only three hits on the night and managed to pull out when the reds still with a 2-1 series lead. a game 4 is today one: 07 our time the game in cincinnati very easy tell on the mound. the oakland a's survived possible elimination. picture brett anderson--here was the play of the game
5:05 am
check this out in front of the stealth out crop cocoa chris diving over the wall he didn't dive over the wall he stuck his glove over the wall. lattimore from the old bochco coliseum coming up.
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>> the national average did not change overnight for gas. that is still at $3.81 per gallon. there is some good news for drivers hopefully soon after governor brown request for the less expensive winter
5:08 am
when gas to be available gas prices may not drop a significant amount that will come down a little bit. sometime between now and the weekend gas stations should start to get the winter clan gas. the law take a break it is 5: 27 we will be back in gas. tlysol knows the softit places we love could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> welcome back watching wall street after the dow fell over 100 points. we also have costco at 27% jump in its fourth quarter profit as the u.s.--change sales. apple at $6 started 5¢ per share. apple in correction territory apple is down about 10% from its high of $7.50 per share. apple shares are still up in the press a 55% for the year. we could see bigger swings on wall street this week because of lighter trading. as many investors stayed on
5:12 am
the sidelines as to get a better feel for how this earnings season is going. futures down 20 points. >> storm tracker for as continue to follow the
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>> the right now house the door is this mid-40s. we are waking up to 56 and concord. futurecast will show where these showers will be in the afternoon. we are working with a pretty tight range of numbers. by 8:00 p.m. later tonight it will be '60s. i did want to attract back and focus on the afternoon highs. 70 degrees on top. there may be
5:18 am
some mid-70s for antioch. fairfield is as 75 degrees. we should see comfortable conditions for the east bay shoreline. here is a look at the big whether forecast. temperature may still be below seasonal average. as you see on your screen by sunday will be in the low 80s. it will be climbing to
5:19 am
the mid '80s as we transition into next tuesday. at 5:18 a.m. it is not a check with the roads. >> we're still looking at light traffic. as we check the bay bridge you will see that it is a smooth commute. you're right to the san mateo bridge is expected to be heavy door that 8 to 9:00 hour. for your ridt crsouth to e bridge. >> a chevron spokesperson has stated that the crew that was damaged is said to be out for the rest of the year. the closed crude unit
5:20 am
is cited as one of the reasons for the gas prices skyrocketing. >> the mayor is asking for police officers to be added on the streets due to more violence happening on the street. some people and the community stated that more police will not make a difference. >> you cannot just keep putting band- aids on a sore
5:21 am
that keeps getting infected. some of these officers need to be removed and then maybe they can make way for some good officers who want to protect and serve. >> hiring new officers may have to be delayed until next year. >> bradley has been charged with trespassing on school grounds on september 21st. he kidnapped a child but she was able to get a way. his plea is set for this
5:22 am
afternoon at 1:00 p.m. >> a stabbing happen to a 17 year-old girl on 21st street. she was found with stab wounds and her stomach and she was taking to the hospital. they are looking into a fight that might have happened with the stabbing. >> the man that was shot and killed in a car that was part. the incident happened within the last few weeks. >> a 23 year-old woman that was found masson has been found. jessica was located about 1:00 p.m.. they started looking for her when she failed to show for work. she was in good condition and was taken for medical evaluations. >> new numbers are ahead for the new meningitis update. >> the bay bridge is free and clear and the forecast will be coming up next.
5:23 am
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>> welcome back we are
5:26 am
back with the other day with meningitis. 12 people have died. the number that actually died has reached 100. tennessee is the highest reached by this virus. the tainted shot came from a place in massachusetts. >> in another recalled with toyota. seven have million vehicles will have a malfunctioning power switches with their windows. the recall vehicles produced
5:27 am
between 2005 and 2010 as you can see the list on our screen. just to name a few are the camry is, rather for, highlander, and the tundra. >> in america airlines is losing business because of the carrier is experiencing chronic flight delays. they are stating that they have had fewer paying customers than last yltkri think i saw a bright light
5:28 am
this morning. this makes it see (car horn)
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>> we are back it is 5:30 a.m.. erica has stormed a tracker for with what is happening outside. >> we do have a low pressure system and we are seeing some light showers along the coast line. you may need an umbrella just for the next hour or so. sun and clouds will be in the afternoon and i will be breaking down the
5:31 am
numbers for you coming up in a minute. >> looking at the san mateo ride there are no delays yet. we usually do have high traffic on highway 4 but we do not see any at this time. the 580 is not as bad as well. >> a developing story outside of faye pilot factory thin richmond. he is live in richmond with the status. >> the cruise is working to put the fire out. they brought in a bulldozer to
5:32 am
help clear the way for firefighters. there are so much debris and this is a pallid yard and the fire broke out about 2:00 a.m. everything contained but the fire is not completely out. you can still see in the distance that there are some areas that are still burning. they are looking that the lightning might have started the fire at
5:33 am
about 2:15 a.m. this morning. the smoke goes a couple of hundred feet in the air and you can see if from a mile out. this is a good sized fire and there are other businesses that are surrounding this area. at this point they do have everything contained but it will be a long morning ahead. coming up next hour we will let you hear from the fire chief and we will keep tabs on this fire to technical difficulties here but as you can see in this picture that there are extensive damages to district of all. the roof at this mall has collapsed and they will be dealing with this all morning. we will connect with will in a moment. >> in a lot of talk about bay area baseball. the giants and athletics survived to play another day
5:34 am
and that day is today. the giants and the cincinnati reds played in cincinnati. giants had not much offense but today strike out 16 times. >> it was tough in 2010 to watch the boys go all the way and not be able to help out. the athletics played at the coliseum and it was a do-or-die game for them. that makes the coliseum the smallest place in baseball.
5:35 am
here is the play of the game. this was great defense by coco crisp. he jumps with his hand over the wall and he brought prince fielder. the tigers still lead to games to one. >> we had music going and everyone was happy. we were just being ourselves and no one was getting excited. bed and competitive sometimes takes over and you are not really the word about how good it feels at the time.
5:36 am
you put all this behind you and at this point you have to get people out. >> what happened with the people that showed up yesterday with the wrong tickets.? she checked >> apparently there was some confusion going on and the way that they listed this was that they thought that this was the third g there weref people who show up who thought they had tickets for last night's game but apparently it was for the third game of the series. that was the mixup. will they get a chance to go if
5:37 am
the a's stay alive? >> they have to win tonight's game first so at this time it is not sure. if they are not play on thursday than those tickets will be worthless. >> they are playing with the house's money at this point and they were expected to lose the hundred games they are down two games to one so this is the best out of five
5:38 am
series. they have to win the first two or they go home for real. >> there were 37,000 people at the coliseum to watch this game. it sounds like the crowd was incredible. the game is set to be about 6:30 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> i think they can properly sellout tonigwill until the world
5:39 am
series before the target will be taken off. >> it is 5:37 a.m. and will be back in a moment. i don't spend money
5:40 am
on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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>> taken a look at the gallup poll there stating that mitt romney has a lead over president obama. >> the first and only vice presidential debate is tomorrow and they will only go head to head tomorrow. the next presidential debate will be for october 16th. you can watch both of them on
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5:46 am
>> welcome back. there was a fire broke out at 1:00 a.m. and about 3:30 a.m. they had it under control. one firefighter was injured he just has a cut on his hand. >> the san francisco board makes a decision on a holding about the misconduct charges. mayor gravy was suspended after he e pled guilty to charges.
5:47 am
this will be a of the aba hundred and 20,000 ft.. the next attempt is scheduled for tomorrow. >> the golden gate bridge on
5:48 am
the left and the bay bridges on the right shows that the weather does not look to bed. >> in we see some spotty showers right now in saratoga, nostalgia. . we are also dealing with cold weather also. there is 55 degrees in downtown san francisco. future cast for shows you that about 3:00 p.m. the afternoon highs will be about 70 degrees. as the push into the evening hour about 8:00 p.m. it will be '50s and '60s. we will see a mixture of sun and clouds
5:49 am
in the low 80s and for monday and tuesday starting the next work week it will be plenty of sunshine. at 5:48 a.m. that's a look at whether. >> as we continue to monitor the committee there are no hot spots. we're looking at a pretty good ride on the bay bridge. it is nothighway 192 is as smooth conditions. there are no delays on the east or west bound. there is still at light ride on the golden gate bridge at 1 01. on interstate 80 is 16 minutes from hercules to berkeley. your ride through san jose 1 01 north brown is not saying much of any slowdowns. here is the marin rye where there are no delays.
5:50 am
>> here is a live look in space. the private rocket successfully sent a ride up to the astronauts. it is the first of its kind for a delivery from nasa. one of the nine engines on space x failed during a live shot on sunday. the engine did not fail but it wasn't enough power. it made it successfully as you can sit here but the rocket was also supposed to send a communication up to orbit. what are seeing a new era in
5:51 am
the u.s. exploration and technology. there are private companies that are handling the low for nasa. >> a 28 year-old is behind bars after a grenade was
5:52 am
found in his luggage. he was traveling back from japan. he was wearing a bullet proof vests and flame pants underneath his jacket. there were billy clubs and a respirator found. he had a biohazard suit and handcuffs. they do not know what he planned to do with all of these items. >> a california man that is into a wall at a convenience store. he pushes the clerk out of the way and the whole wall just caved in. the clerk was not hurt but seconds later the truck back back and took off. the driver was later booked for driving under the influence and hit and run. >> it is a wild pool party at a florida zoo and to show you how you can enjoy the fun. >> you cannot see too much here but you could see how the sky is dark. i did see some lightning did you? >>
5:53 am
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>> welcome back we had a light shower activity. we did see some lightning and a lot of people have reported that. not so much now we will take a closer look in just a bit. >> a florida zoo is offering you a chance to swim with a tiger cub but you do have to pay $200. here is tony the tiger and he can have full contact with thevi weight. when he weighs in at 25 lbs. he will have to be restraint. while he is a little cut it is all fun and
5:57 am
games. they actually put him in the pool and you can swim with him for $200. you can also swim with this alligator and is only a hundred dollars for a 20 minute swim. they take his mouth shut. a handler is there in all times. that's still does not make me feel better. do you think that this alligator is asking for trouble? will you put your kid in this poll? >> we will take a break here and coming up as 6:00 a.m. you will see a picture about this strip mall fire. one firefighter was injured and we will be back with a
5:58 am
live report. >> in both of the bay area baseball teams live to play another game and we will have more coming up. changin chichen [ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches. starting at $6.99. our tri-tip with hand-breaded onion straws, our crispy shrimp smothered in bang bang sauce, and tuscan chicken on focaccia. sizzler.
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